Burning down the house

Response to the Daily Prompt  “Burning Down the House

If you know the song then you can’t hear that phrase “Burning Down the House” without the Talking Heads song popping into your head..

So having been completely distracted, I thought maybe I could take the response to this prompt in a different direction.

I started thinking “that’s an odd name for a song how did they come up with that.” A quick search on Wikipedia and had an answer. The way it’s described it came from the hyped up drummer, Chris Frantz, yelling “Burn Down the House” through the initial jam and later it changed to its final form. They were full of energy and creativity when they made that song.

So then I started to think of Burning Down the House as a metaphor for being hyped up, energised and inspired.

So for a different take on Burning Down the House it got me thinking about what things really get you going, hyped up and energised. So here goes with mine with a (mostly) outdoors theme of course.

1. Walking on wide open beaches with the breeze forcing me back and the dog darting crazily around me.

2. Going for a long run in beautiful countryside somewhere unfamiliar where you’re not quite sure where you are going.

3. The exhilaration of reaching the top of a really big hill, whether on a bike, walking or running and seeing amazing views unfold before you

4. Seeing the sunrise early in the morning especially on a crisp, cold winters day.

5. Being totally in the flow of writing, completely focused, the words come easily and enjoying every minute of it.

What are your “Burning down the House” moments?




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