A moment in time

A response to the Daily Prompt –  A moment in time

As a kid I used to be keen on taking pictures. I got it from my Dad who was an avid and meticulous photographer. Not only had he expertly mastered the technicalities but he obsessively catalogued the many slides with dates and labels in hundreds of little green plastic Fuji boxes with white lids. He taught me a lot particularly about photographing landscapes and wildlife and I’d enter and occasionally (well maybe it was just the once) win a local competition.

But as I grew up I lost interest, eventually left home and forgot it all.

I’ve always kept a camera of some sort since then to take shots of the family or holiday destinations and always loved capturing moments, framing them for ever. And maybe that was more important than the technicalties of photography.

Even with a simple point and shoot camera, I discovered that you could take some half decent shots. I have loved taking landscape shots in particular and blessed with easy access to the countryside can experience some great sunsets/sunrises.


But eventually I thought you know what I fancy learning how to do this properly again . So I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Digital SLR camera and enrolled on an online course. I am reliving the fun I had as a child playing around with the settings.

Which leads me to now …shots taken and some moments captured and the fun of getting it wrong….

Action shots….





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