Dream Reader


Still catching up but here goes with the Day four assignment. And I thought the last one was tricky.

So what’s my dream reader? Well I guess I’d ask myself what I’d like to read . There’s an awful lot of blogs, but I’m always fascinated by outdoor adventures, travel, personal challenges and great photography.

I suppose I’d best sum it up with this image, because that’s what I would imagine you spend some of your time doing.


Let’s be honest you probably don’t prefer it to being out on sunny day like this…


but then you still rather be out there exploring and be happy to take the chance that it might rain than not be out there at all. Living in the UK and liking the outdoors means that I have had my fair share of days like this, but they are always more memorable than the days I chose to stay in and watch TV.

And you probably like writing too, which is ironic as that does mean you have to sit inside (generally, in Britain)……but then you always have the itch to get out and explore again.

And finally, because the assignment was to play around with something not tried before. Here’s a great song and video which captures that spirit of adventure…



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