The Start

So here we go with the first assignment of the Blogging 101 course. I’ve done a bit before but thought I needed to get a better grip on how it all works so here goes

So who am and why am I here?

Well the first one’s easy (Well I think it is). My name is Tim and I’m  interested in loads of stuff  and try to do all of them, but none of them very well. When I’m not at work (which is the boring bit) then I love to be outdoors, running,cycling, walking the dog, exploring etc. I love to travel but don’t do enough of it. I dabble in photography, creative writing and now blogging! I can just about play a guitar but wish I could play it properly. I’d like to stop reading self help books! (well I have… almost).

The reason I’m here is to practice writing. There that was simple. It probably sums it up.

Why do this publicly? I just think that it makes you write differently when you have know you have an audience (albeit you don’t necessarily know who they are in the blogosphere).

What topics do you think you’ll write about? I’ll keep an open mind on that one for now. Anything to do with the outdoors, pscyhology, geography, travel, writing.

Who would love to connect with via your blog? Like minded people.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?To be better at writing and to know how a blog works properly. Well there’s always the award winning blog to hope for as well – you never know.

I meant to keep that short and sweet and hopefully I have.


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