Burning down the house

Response to the Daily Prompt  “Burning Down the House

If you know the song then you can’t hear that phrase “Burning Down the House” without the Talking Heads song popping into your head..

So having been completely distracted, I thought maybe I could take the response to this prompt in a different direction.

I started thinking “that’s an odd name for a song how did they come up with that.” A quick search on Wikipedia and had an answer. The way it’s described it came from the hyped up drummer, Chris Frantz, yelling “Burn Down the House” through the initial jam and later it changed to its final form. They were full of energy and creativity when they made that song.

So then I started to think of Burning Down the House as a metaphor for being hyped up, energised and inspired.

So for a different take on Burning Down the House it got me thinking about what things really get you going, hyped up and energised. So here goes with mine with a (mostly) outdoors theme of course.

1. Walking on wide open beaches with the breeze forcing me back and the dog darting crazily around me.

2. Going for a long run in beautiful countryside somewhere unfamiliar where you’re not quite sure where you are going.

3. The exhilaration of reaching the top of a really big hill, whether on a bike, walking or running and seeing amazing views unfold before you

4. Seeing the sunrise early in the morning especially on a crisp, cold winters day.

5. Being totally in the flow of writing, completely focused, the words come easily and enjoying every minute of it.

What are your “Burning down the House” moments?




A moment in time

A response to the Daily Prompt –  A moment in time

As a kid I used to be keen on taking pictures. I got it from my Dad who was an avid and meticulous photographer. Not only had he expertly mastered the technicalities but he obsessively catalogued the many slides with dates and labels in hundreds of little green plastic Fuji boxes with white lids. He taught me a lot particularly about photographing landscapes and wildlife and I’d enter and occasionally (well maybe it was just the once) win a local competition.

But as I grew up I lost interest, eventually left home and forgot it all.

I’ve always kept a camera of some sort since then to take shots of the family or holiday destinations and always loved capturing moments, framing them for ever. And maybe that was more important than the technicalties of photography.

Even with a simple point and shoot camera, I discovered that you could take some half decent shots. I have loved taking landscape shots in particular and blessed with easy access to the countryside can experience some great sunsets/sunrises.


But eventually I thought you know what I fancy learning how to do this properly again . So I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Digital SLR camera and enrolled on an online course. I am reliving the fun I had as a child playing around with the settings.

Which leads me to now …shots taken and some moments captured and the fun of getting it wrong….

Action shots….




Dream Reader


Still catching up but here goes with the Day four assignment. And I thought the last one was tricky.

So what’s my dream reader? Well I guess I’d ask myself what I’d like to read . There’s an awful lot of blogs, but I’m always fascinated by outdoor adventures, travel, personal challenges and great photography.

I suppose I’d best sum it up with this image, because that’s what I would imagine you spend some of your time doing.


Let’s be honest you probably don’t prefer it to being out on sunny day like this…


but then you still rather be out there exploring and be happy to take the chance that it might rain than not be out there at all. Living in the UK and liking the outdoors means that I have had my fair share of days like this, but they are always more memorable than the days I chose to stay in and watch TV.

And you probably like writing too, which is ironic as that does mean you have to sit inside (generally, in Britain)……but then you always have the itch to get out and explore again.

And finally, because the assignment was to play around with something not tried before. Here’s a great song and video which captures that spirit of adventure…


What’s in a name?

OK, so I’m a few days behind here with Blogging 1o1, but time to catch up.

I just read the best piece of advice on choosing a name/tagline. “Don’t obsess over it”. Except, well yes, you guessed it …..

So I wanted something that reflect my interest in becoming a better writer but also someone who loves the outdoors and toyed with

  • Who the let the writer out (doors).
  • The wobbly pen (marketed as a children’s toy I discovered)
  • Penned outdoors (too much like a pig reference)
  • Pens and Paths

but finally settled on Words and Trails – Writing, Running and Roaming.  Simple and to the point. I hope.

OK. That’s it. Not changing it again. Well, not yet…



The Start

So here we go with the first assignment of the Blogging 101 course. I’ve done a bit before but thought I needed to get a better grip on how it all works so here goes

So who am and why am I here?

Well the first one’s easy (Well I think it is). My name is Tim and I’m  interested in loads of stuff  and try to do all of them, but none of them very well. When I’m not at work (which is the boring bit) then I love to be outdoors, running,cycling, walking the dog, exploring etc. I love to travel but don’t do enough of it. I dabble in photography, creative writing and now blogging! I can just about play a guitar but wish I could play it properly. I’d like to stop reading self help books! (well I have… almost).

The reason I’m here is to practice writing. There that was simple. It probably sums it up.

Why do this publicly? I just think that it makes you write differently when you have know you have an audience (albeit you don’t necessarily know who they are in the blogosphere).

What topics do you think you’ll write about? I’ll keep an open mind on that one for now. Anything to do with the outdoors, pscyhology, geography, travel, writing.

Who would love to connect with via your blog? Like minded people.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?To be better at writing and to know how a blog works properly. Well there’s always the award winning blog to hope for as well – you never know.

I meant to keep that short and sweet and hopefully I have.